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My early career

During the early stages of my career in Financial services, I began as an Executive Assistant for the Head of Compliance at a prominent Investment firm. In this role, I gained valuable insights into the regulatory landscape and developed a strong foundation in compliance practices.

Eager to advance my career, I transitioned into a Compliance Analyst role, specialising in Hedge Funds and Asset Management firms. However, as I progressed, I started to notice a glass ceiling and limited opportunities that impacted my growth.

This plus the demanding nature of the job led to demotivation and eventual burnout. These experiences sparked a desire for change and propelled me to explore new paths.

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Growth & beyond

Driven by a desire for personal and professional growth, I embarked on a journey that led me to discover my true passion: being a life coach.

Transitioning from the rigid structure of the financial services industry, I found immense fulfillment in guiding individuals towards progress and enhancing the quality of their lives. Through my role as a life coach, I experienced infinite satisfaction in empowering others to tap into their inner resourcefulness and find unique solutions to their challenges.

However, I quickly realized that simply offering guidance was not enough; the key lay in motivating clients to take action. Witnessing the transformative power of action-taking became the cornerstone of my coaching practice, as I became dedicated to inspiring my clients to step out of their comfort zones and embrace positive change.

The ability to facilitate growth and witness the profound impact it had on my clients' lives became the ultimate source of fulfillment, fueling my passion to continue making a difference through life coaching.

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